Dieser Workshop fand am 23. April 2016 statt.

Sollte Interesse an einem weiteren Workshop dieser (oder anderer) Art bestehen - sprecht uns bitte an!


In einem Workshop wollen wir unser mannigfaltiges Wissen und unsere Erfahrungen zusammentragen und austauschen, um Android-Geräte zu flashen und rooten.
Während des Workshops wird das Flashen anhand eines Versuchsaufbaus demonstriert und danach kann der eine oder andere Teilnehmer auch selbst den Versuch wagen.

Als Vorbereitung bringt bitte ein Android-Gerät, bei dem es nicht schmerzt, wenn es ggf. kaputt geht, nebst USB Ladekabel und Notebook (Linux oder Windows) mit.

Offizielle Ankündigung beim FabLab: https://www.fablab-neckar-alb.org/?tribe_events=workshop-android-geraete-flashen-und-rooten

Weitere Informationsquellen:

The XDA Developers forums are the number one place to look for information on your phone. This is where all the best hackers and tweakers gather to discuss phones, share links and guides, and create rooting tools. Head to the forums, find your device, and poke around the different subforums for your phone. You should find a number of threads that will direct you to information on how to root your phone, what ROMs and kernels are available, and more. And, when in doubt, ask the other users!

The Phandroid forums (aka Android Forums) aren’t quite as popular as XDA, but they have always done a pretty good job of organizing information on rooting. This is a good place to start. Head to the forum for your device and look for the “All Things Root” sub forum.

RootzWiki may not be as popular as it once was, but there’s still good information to be had on these forums, especially pertaining to new ROMs, kernels, and other things on the development side.

Whirlpool’s Android forum also has plenty of discussions around Android rooting, and is particularly helpful for dealing with issues relating to Australia-specific models and carrier tweaks.

The CyanogenMod Wiki: CyanogenMod, most popular ROM out there, has a fantastic wiki with plenty of information on different devices. Even if you don’t plan on flashing CyanogenMod (or any ROM, for that matter), you can often find information on how to root your phone within their device-specific instructions on installing CyanogenMod, so it’s worth checking out.

MoKee ROM: Popular ROMs for various Smartphones